Angel Tarot Card Reading


The Angel Tarot and Oracle Cards were introduced by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. These cards and the Ancient Tarot Cards are not very different from each other. However, the most important thing that separates them are that certain cards in Ancient Tarot are quite scary (for e.g. the death card) unlike the Angel cards that have a more gentle and loving energy. The Angel cards deliver the same messages - the messages of truth - but they come from the place of love. 

When using the Angel Tarot and Oracle Cards, your Angels and Guardian Angels are guiding you to pick up the cards. The Angels are non-denominational and unconditionally loving beings. They will never steer you in a wrong direction and will never guide you to do anything that is negative. Angels provide encouragement, positive solutions and spiritual guidance for whatever challenges you are facing. These cards rely on the channeled information from the Angelic realm.

When receiving an Angel Reading you ask your Angels questions. Even a simple question like "What would you like me to know today?" works.




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