Crystal Spa


Crystals have their own energy and can act as amazing conduits of energy. Crystals have intelligence and conscious, but do not have their own will. That means that crystals can absorb, store, and project energy that has been directed by the user without any resistance. They have the capability of amplifying our intentions.

Beauty and crystals have a wonderful and powerful relation. Beauty signifies not just that of the external body but also of one's internal self - like confidence, love and grace. Enhancing beauty with the use of crystals is not new age. Many cultures have been using crystals in various forms to stimulate parts of the mind and body - like having bath with water that has rose quartz crystals in it, or drinking aquamarine water for a youthful skin, or wearing various crystals in jewelry to bring in a sense of royalty, confidence and grace.

By simply programming the crystals backed by the most important ingredient INTENTION, we can have miraculous effects on our body and mind. With regular Crystal Spa therapy, many clients have felt more confident, energetic and patient. Many have also been able to see, hear and feel the divine connection. The benefits of this Crystal Spa are limitless.




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