Connecting With Your Angels

Angels are non-denominational, unconditionally loving, etheric, powerful beings who are there by our side all the time. Regardless of religion or belief system, stories of angels are a part of every culture. It is believed that if there are no angels around us, the world will not be able to survive more than 3 days. They are here to transmute the negative energies into love. With the recent shifts in the Earth’s energy these angels have lowered their vibrations so that people can see, feel and hear their divine guidance. However, even though they have been there by our side, we tend to ignore their signs and answers.

In this 10-hour online workshop (divided into 2 days) I would be taking you through this magical journey of connecting with your guardian angels and have a deeper understanding of the different signs and reminders these loving beings send. You will be learning about:

  • The New Age
  • Angels and Angelology
  • The Angelic Hierarchy
  • Knowing your spiritual gifts
  • Connecting with 17 Archangels
  • The specific strengths of each Archangel and how they can supercharge every area of your life
  • The various spiritual retreats of the Archangels on earth and how to access the energies of these spiritual retreats
  • The role of Archangels and the Chakras of our body
  • How to make the connection with the angels stronger with the use of various Crystals
  • Use of Angel Tarot/Oracle cards
  • Cutting of unwanted cords with Archangels
  • Role of Earth Angels and Light Workers
  • and more ...