Angel Therapy


Angelic healing is a form of energy healing which involves working with the divine, non-denominational, unconditionally loving angels. In Angelic Healing, the angels guide the healer while they work with the client. The healer is just a vessel to let the healing of the angels pass through to the client. In other words, the energy is channeled through the healer and directed to the areas that are blocked or in need of healing.

After the healing, the client may feel more relaxed, at ease and as if a burden has been lifted. Sometimes the feelings that have been suppressed for a long time like anger, fear, sorrow etc. come to the surface to be released through emotions. Clients may feel the urge to cry or vent out these emotions. This is natural. Remember, your experience will be just as the way it is supposed to be - perfect for you!

Angel Therapy is not tied to any specific religion. Whatever Religion you belong to angels are there with you and have worked with you at some point or the other. Remember the little voice of your inner consciousness that tells you what to do when you are clueless? Yes, that’s one of the many ways the angels work with you.



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